What Our Students Say....

    Futhallah Hamed

    “For the first time in my life, being a student with Tanwir has given me by the will of Allah, an outlet to follow a principled curriculum with qualified teachers, and a band of students who I can call my brothers. In a time where people’s faith is being attacked from all angles, Shaykh Omar Popal and Tanwir Institute are cultivating a community following the Prophetic Model, and it is my belief that as Tanwir grows InshaAllah, Muslims all around the DMV will not have to look too far to find the community of knowledge and mercy that they deserve.”

      Omar Hatim

      “Having access to Tanwir and taking classes with its instructors has really been a blessing - it feels like this is the first time in my life where I'm able to learn more about the Islamic tradition from reputable scholars in the area, and have full trust that the knowledge I'm receiving is sound in transmission.”

        Nazia Shaheen

        “Highly recommend taking their classes. Ustadh Omar is amazing at explaining things with proper chains of narrations. Have taken multiple courses with them very accommodating and easy to work with. Material taught is very beneficial and easy to understand.”

          Fatima H.

          “Tanwir Institute is a beneficial, local gem for Northern Virginians who want to learn the basics of Islam. The classes offered have always been intriguing and simple to follow, plus the small class sizes always allow for Q&A opportunities. Ustadh Omar is so personable and easy to listen to. He makes practicing our religion seem attainable and teaches us how to make sustainable goals of our own. I can't recommend the classes enough!”


            "Tanwir is a wonderful institute that encourages students from different educational and religious backgrounds to come together and learn for the sake of Allah. It felt like we were undergoing a spiritual journey together. It was not one person learning, but an entire community"

              Al Ahmed

              “Tanwir has been nothing short of life changing. In a time where I was struggling to find somewhere to study Islam more in depth and learn classical Arabic, Tanwir answered the call by the permission of Allah SWT. I can only imagine how many other brothers and sisters are yearning to seek knowledge but have no way to do so via the Prophetic tradition in the DMV area. It is truly a mercy and blessing from Allah SWT that in difficult times for faith we are able to gather for the sake of Allah and learn his religion amongst beautiful suhba.”

                Abdullah Tauqeer

                “Being born and raised in the DC area, I never felt like I had access to teachers who had studied traditionally. Over the years, I kept on putting off my plans to take time off from work and school and travel somewhere to learn Arabic and some basic Islamic studies, but alhamdulillah Allah blessed us with the scholarship and suhba of Tanwir. It has been such a blessing to be able to study a grounded and proven curriculum without having to leave my home and job, and I pray that Tanwir grows to become a beacon of light for the Muslim community in the region.”


                  “Alhamdulilah! Tanwir’s part-time seminary is exactly what I needed in my life, and I didn’t even know it. Ustadh Omar and Ustadh Humayun teach with a true love for the Islamic tradition and keep us motivated as we traverse the path to acquire sacred knowledge. Tanwir’s traditional approach to teaching Islamic scholarship and cultivating suhba, grounded in principles of tasawwuf, is an immense blessing and fills a much needed role in the DMV community.”

                    Ajlal Khan

                    “Growing up in the DMV area - understanding my identity as a Muslim American was difficult. The teachers at Tanwir have been devoting their time to teaching the Islamic Sciences. Solidifying my faith with Aqidah, teaching me how to practice my religion with Fiqh, and guiding me on my path to purifying my heart with Tassawuf. With this institute, Muslims can gain knowledge, apply it within their lives, and become an example of a true Muslim.”


                      “These past two years have been very transformational for me regarding my efforts to try to connect more with my faith and ultimately trying to get closer to Allah and learn to love the Prophet ﷺ. Tanwir Institute has given me the honor to study real texts from the Islamic tradition with real teachers whose chains of transmission go back to the Prophet ﷺ .”


                        “What Tanwir Institute is doing for the DMV is one of a kind and it is important that institutes like Tanwir are preserved all over the world so our Deen can continue to be passed down properly. Tanwir Institute has created a true safe haven for me to be more confident, create beautiful bonds with my beloved teachers and brothers, and has given me a purpose in life.”